When courage comes
and you will come to Me
I strip you naked
and leave you with no-thing

I clothe you now
with silence, wisdom, truth
with beauty and compassion

Reality then knocks
softly upon
your door
and with the shining key
you found inside your heart
the broken door slides open
to leave you now with All …




When we do not search for meaning in the words
And listen to them like music
When we do not search for form in the words
And read them like an artwork
We might discover
What is hidden
Beyond and close
Outer and inner
Silence …



When words are no more needed
and all the words are silence

When searching’s no more needed
and searching is the finding

When talking ‘s no more needed
and talking is the listening

Then everything rejoices
in deep and new found silence

And in your heart there is 
the moving sound
of ever present
silent bursting joy …