Feeling the wind,
Hearing the rain,
Seeing the sun,
Tasting the wine,
Smelling the fire

I am the feeling and the wind
I am the hearing and the rain
I am the seeing and the sun
I am the tasting and the wine
I am the smelling and the fire

I am resistence and surrender
I am suffering and joy
I am fear and love

I am nothing and everything
I am me and you
I Am …




True healing
takes place
with the realization
and deep understanding
that nothing needs to be added to You
that nothing can be taken away from You
that You are
whole …

Letter to Ramesh

July 30, 2008


Dearest Ramesh, dearest I Am,


You are closer to my heart than my own breath.


Your words come to me from the Source we all are


Your silence is so endless that I have just a notion of the depths


Your love touches every cell each time I breathe


Your compassion floods my body and the universe with the brightest light.


When I experience the listening and the reading I experience me.


When I experience the silence and the wisdom, I experience me.


You touched me in every way I can think of.


You have blessed me truly.



Yours truly,



When I have left this body
and fly towards the stars
I just look back one moment
to what has dissapeared

When I dissolve in That
and am what always was
what never ever started
and never came to end

See me in the all clouds
that chase along the sky
Feel me in sparkling rain
that softly falls upon you

Hear me in rustling trees
that whisper in your ear
And listen to the wind
that blows your cobwebs out

What you are, I am too
and what I Am, you are
Connected in the One
that never can be named …

Let go

When God closes a door, he somewhere opens a window ...

When time has come
And you have set you free
I will just once look back
and then I’ll go my way

I do my chores
And sometimes I look up
As if I heard a sound
That sounded just like you

No expectations, no desire,
And in my heart the knowing
That if you want to come to me
You will find the way

And there you were,
panting and full of sweat
So proud that you have made it
Through the wide and scary world

I love you when you leave
And love you when you come
Because I know that that
Takes place in what I am …

Come and go

Waves, sea, rock

You came and went
and sometimes I believed
that you would only come
and never go away

And suddenly I understood
that coming here and going there
are one and the same, of course,
that no one comes or goes

That I’m the space in which
the coming and the going passes
That I’m not that what comes and goes
that I am that what is …