Feeling the wind,
Hearing the rain,
Seeing the sun,
Tasting the wine,
Smelling the fire

I am the feeling and the wind
I am the hearing and the rain
I am the seeing and the sun
I am the tasting and the wine
I am the smelling and the fire

I am resistence and surrender
I am suffering and joy
I am fear and love

I am nothing and everything
I am me and you
I Am …


The question

The question

Ask yourself
with every thought you believe
with every act you perform:
“Is it loving?”

That question
can not be answered by the mind

That question
can not be reasoned out

That question
is answered
by the Deep Knowing
that is felt in
and arises from the heart

That question
is answered
by who You really are:
Deep Knowing taking shape as Love …