To teach
is to include one thing
and to exclude another thing

To unteach
is to include everything
and to exclude no-thing

strips you naked
to the core of your being
and leaves you with nothing
and leaves you with everything …




Sometimes someone comes to my door.
And that someone has heard in some distant way, that there is a train leaving for freedom.
And you tell her about it, again and again and again.
And when she leaves, she says: “Yes, I feel something has changed”.
And Gratitude comes whispering in my ear: “She is on the train…”.
And then tears come, and so much more …



When you believe:
“I found “it”,
ask yourself:
who is the ‘I’ that did something
what is ‘found’ that was not there before
what is ‘it’ that is found?

When Grace touches you
and shows you your heart
there never was an ‘I’
there never was ‘finding’
there never was an ‘it’

No one ever did anything
No thing was ever found
All there ever was and is
is Consciousness …



The journey, the step in the unknown,
cautious, pristine, anxious

The path, the street, the field,
known and unknown

The place, the bed, the table
for you to rest and eat

Then home, again,
as if you never left,
will put her arms around you
and whisper in your ear
that where on earth the heart is
the home is always there …