New Year

More like You in the New Year

New Year

Did you ever wonder
why Truth feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Beauty feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Compassion feels more like you?

I invite you
to sit with these questions
and be still

There comes a moment
when Truth, Beauty and Compassion
will let you know
that You are That …




Maybe, what scientists call “mistakes in our DNA” are not mistakes …
How can the evolutionary force make mistakes?
Maybe those so called “mistakes” are blessings.
We can not know what Life has in store for us; so how can we call anything a mistake?

Sit with it and be still.
Truth will carry you on her wings of Love …

New Year’s Eve


When ‘wanting’ becomes Being
When ‘resisting’ becomes Peace

When ‘expecting’ becomes Surrender
When ‘knowing’ becomes Wisdom

When ‘judging’ becomes Watching
When ‘thinking’ becomes Stillness

Then you know
Grace has found you
and brought you
Home …



Praying is discovering and seeing, in ourselves, that we are light, innocence, peace. Prayer mirrors to us that we are innocent, fragile, little, helpless. It enables us to connect with the innocence in ourselves, the fragility, the littleness, the helplessness. When we pray we briefly allow ourselves to kneel down, to be still, to be emptiness in the presence of the light that we are. When we pray we connect with our possibility to give and to receive.

The secret of praying is so small that it is so big. It is everything that is born in you, all the time. And sometimes it helps us to see that. Dear child, you are the Child and God and Love and Light and Truth, for ever … Amen …

It is here …

When the meaning of the words: “It is here”
can not be explained anymore

When tears flow from the eyes
when you say those words

When you feel the heart jump
when you whisper those words

When the whole being
in stillness

Then you know:
It is here …


The best thing that can happen to you is doubt
Doubt takes you beyond knowing

Doubt takes you beyond the absolute
Doubt takes you into disidentification

Doubt takes you into: “I don’t know”
Doubt takes you into Space
Doubt takes you into Love
Doubt takes you into You …

Where doubt arises,
Love can grow

Where there is doubt,
You are …