Discovering in total openess
Speaking from deep stillness

Giving from total vulnerability
Receiving in total connectedness

Lets gentle softness surface
like fluffy clouds in midnight sky

Floats through the open windows
like little Whitsun flames

Gives boundless vulnerability
to You as Me
to Me as You …



I fold my hands
and praying comes
my eyes just flow with tears

Compassion and connectedness
touch me
so deeply
so intense

From stillness
praying gives
All I can do
is wait
in wordless silence
until the praying takes me
to the eternal Place
where All resides
and i
no longer am …

New Year

More like You in the New Year

New Year

Did you ever wonder
why Truth feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Beauty feels more like you?

Did you ever wonder
why Compassion feels more like you?

I invite you
to sit with these questions
and be still

There comes a moment
when Truth, Beauty and Compassion
will let you know
that You are That …