Curiosity is
to ask yourself
in all openess and honesty:
“Is that so?”
and then wait
for the answer
that unfolds
from the stillness
of your heart …


The question

The question

Ask yourself
with every thought you believe
with every act you perform:
“Is it loving?”

That question
can not be answered by the mind

That question
can not be reasoned out

That question
is answered
by the Deep Knowing
that is felt in
and arises from the heart

That question
is answered
by who You really are:
Deep Knowing taking shape as Love …

I am not good enough

I am not good enough

When I believe the thought
“I am not good enough”
When this belief
becomes my norm
When this norm
leads my behavior:
I murder you
so I feel good
I do bigger, more, bigger, more, bigger, more, more than you
So I feel good
and I do not care
if you feel good

The human species will vanish from this planet in the end
Even the sun will die

Till then,
“I am not good enough” rules
and murders, rapes, violates, tortures,
every living being
and its own species

We can never know what will happen
We can take steps ourselves
Now …
And let Compassion, Care, Tenderness, Love, and Truth
rule our inner world
until our end of time …