The longing to return to the Origin
Is Origin calling you
and expresses Itself as:
“I long to return to my Origin”

The longing to return to Source
is Source calling you
and expresses Itself as:
“I long to return to Source”

The longing to return to your True Nature
is True Nature calling you
and expresses Itself as:
“I long to return to my True Nature”

The longing for Oneness
is Oneness calling you
and expresses Itself as:
“I long  for Oneness”

The longing for Love
is Love calling you
and expresses Itself as:”
“I long for Love”

The Love
with which you love
is Love
In the form of love …



out of itself

Male and female
Water and Earth
Air and Fire

Multiplicity and diversity
Kaleidoscope of
forms and colours

Original Source
of all experience

Source of You and Me

only itself
as itself …

The moth and the flame

The sun has set at the horizon. No wind.
The candle lit and nocturnal noises come from evening distance
The stars appear, one by one
Breathing in, breathing out
Hands resting, watching

Moths circle the candle light
Closer, closer they come
irresistable drawn to the light.

A little crackle
and then the flame burns quietly again
not affected by what happened.

When has the moth become the flame?
When has the flame become the moth?
The moth in the flame is the flame.

We circle around the light that will burn us
The light will only burn the form
What never was born and never died
the Light that you are
Merges again
with the Light
that you were
will be …


There comes a time
when outer teachers are no more needed.
Your inner teacher takes over
And there is a sweet ongoing mantra or satsang or prayer taking over.
And sometimes there can be a desire to meet with an outer teacher again.
You go and you find that you yourself were the teacher all allong.
This theacher unfolds more and more in the stillness of your heart.
Once you get familiar with its song,
you recognize it everywhere;
even in the midst of the deepest depression.
It sings and never stops.
You are the song, the singer and the singing…



Feeling the wind,
Hearing the rain,
Seeing the sun,
Tasting the wine,
Smelling the fire

I am the feeling and the wind
I am the hearing and the rain
I am the seeing and the sun
I am the tasting and the wine
I am the smelling and the fire

I am resistence and surrender
I am suffering and joy
I am fear and love

I am nothing and everything
I am me and you
I Am …