The Latin verb: “intimare” means:
tell, tell about, narrate, describe.

To tell stories to each other
to tell about emotions
to describe all thoughts that come to mind
that is intimacy

Be fully present in yourself
when the other tells his stories

Be fully present in yourself
when the other takes your hand

Be fully present in yourself
when you look into each others eyes

Being fully present in yourself
is the most intimate thing there is
then there is no other
then you are the other …



Pain is the fuel for the painbody, that resides in human bodies.
The painbody can not help to feed on pain: more pain is a growing painbody.

When the painbody can not feed on pain any more, it will die.
When it dies, who you really are can emerge.

Think about this
when you feel the painbody in you rising;
When you feel the painbody in the people around you:
children, partner, parents ….
Do not act out
Be still and go in
and find
Yourself …



Daily bread


When you eat
your daily bread
What do you do
after you have swallowed it?

Do you turn your oesophagus on?
Do you command your stomach to do its job?
Do you convince your pancreas to make enzymes?

What if all the words you hear ..
What if all the thoughts that come to mind ..
What if the whole world you perceive ..

Is just that:
Daily bread

You take it in
and it does
what it has to do

somewhere in you ..

And when action arises,
you will notice that

And you will act or not

And when silence arises,
you will notice that

And truth
And love
And trust
And …

Daily bread:
take it in and leave the rest to God …

New Year’s Eve


When ‘wanting’ becomes Being
When ‘resisting’ becomes Peace

When ‘expecting’ becomes Surrender
When ‘knowing’ becomes Wisdom

When ‘judging’ becomes Watching
When ‘thinking’ becomes Stillness

Then you know
Grace has found you
and brought you
Home …



The space
where I find home
I share with
dogs, a cat, the birds,
the insects and the trees,
the mice and all the hedgehocks
the plants and what’s unseen
beneath the surface

This space
does not belong to me alone 
No borders for the mice
or traffic rules for birds
We share this space
and find our homes in it

I share the space
with humans
who feel that they are lost

It’s good to know
that home
is only
space …

No word

No word

When you think you are something:
a christian, a muslim, a jew, a buddhist, a hindu,
an atheist, a carpenter, a painter, a writer, a friend,
a man, a woman, a child, a mother, a father, …

And when you believe that you are what you think you are,
You can go inside and do this meditation:

Without using your
thoughts, memories, associations, perceptions, emotions,

are you a christian, not a christian or neither

Be still and wait what comes up …

And do it with the next and the next and the next …

No word can describe what you are;
no word; no word; no word …